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My Little Malaria – Take 2

May 11, 2010

In order to save my energy (of which I have very little these days), this post will be mostly an excerpt from an email that I sent my sister today. I had another post written to upload today, but this day’s events warrant noting first. Here’s the story….

so here’s the story behind the text. i was feeling craptastic (which you know cuz i called you yesterday) and so i decided to go to the dr. this morning once i realized that my freezing chills were gone and i was feeling feverish again. so i went, he said, get tested for malaria. test comes back – lo and behold i still have malaria. evidently, the malaria in western kenya has been building resistance to drugs, so it wasn’t fully cured last time. so dr. recommends giving me a ‘jab’ — which in Kenyan speak means a shot. this is evidently way more effective against the malaria which is great. the catch is that it’s not just a single shot— it’s three of them given on 3 consecutive days. ok fine. so i roll up my sleeve… and doc’s like – you want it in your arm? i’m like.. that’s where i usually get shots…. so he gives it to me in my arm – 4 cc’s (which is a hell of a lot of liquid) into my left arm – hurts like hell, but i expected that since it’s a shot. within 5 minutes, i’m about to pass out. world getting fuzzy doc has to practically carry me to the bench to lay down. 10 minutes later – i feel okay and haven’t completely lost consciousness yet. so i wait for a couple more minutes, go to pay (the equivalent of $20) and i start to pass out again so have to sit. i make it back to my office…which is thankfully right across the hall from the drs and have to lay on the concrete floor for another 10 minutes before i can stand up again. so i try to eat… and all i want to do is puke. the upside of this is that after 3 days i shouldn’t have any malaria left!! i’m feeling better now – not faint any more, and i managed to eat some crackers that helped my tummy. argh. oh yea, my left arm – twice as large as my right….. might explain why it hurts so much!! hopefully i’ll be able to sleep and recuperate before round 2 of shots tomorrow…. ugh. i can’t wait to come home.

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  1. Anne permalink
    May 11, 2010 6:55 pm

    To the tune of the old Army Song(or Band Camp song!):

    The malaria in Kenya they say is mighty fine, it gives you chills and headaches til you get a shot in the behind! Oh I don’t want no more of malar-i-a, Gee Mom I wanna go, but they won’t let me go (you have checked with customs to see that they’ll let you leave, right!?!?) Gee Mom, I wanna go H-O-M-E!!!

    Sorry you are not feeling well…now you have a story to compare with Karl’s oozing orb from Mexico! (Disclaimer: People if you travel to a 3rd world country do not play with mud and do not let the mosiquitos feast on you!) Hope the shots work and that you feel all better soon. We love you and can’t wait for your return! 🙂 Hugs through the computer. AW

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