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The Tasty Desired Delights of Home

April 26, 2010

 Yes, it’s true, when we Americans/Westerners get together in a foreign country, all we talk about is food. I’m not sure entirely why this is, but I do know that it’s been repeated so often that I can tell what each of the other wazungu I interact with crave: for Nick – it’s a 50 piece bucket of chicken nuggets from McDonalds, for Kirsten – a veggie sub from Subway. Within the first week, I knew this was our downfall as a group – even Damaris pointed it out to us poor white folk. Really, why talk about issues of poverty or the horrible things you see everyday when you can discuss a tasty burger with really crispy french fries from your favorite restaurant.

So with less than 3 weeks left, this post is intended to discuss the finer points of American cuisine in an effort to keep me from thinking about it. In reality, this post will probably only make your mouth water… and hopefully clue my family in to the kinds of food I want to eat when I get back! So, in no particular order other than that which springs to my mind first, I give you the Tasty Desired Delights List: 

  • Salad – in particular, a giant salad with all sorts of fresh veggies out of my sister’s garden, topped with cheddar cheese and my sister’s homemade lemon-garlic salad dressing
  • Bread – fresh baked deliciousness preferably in the form of toasty garlic french bread; can also be topped with cheese
  • Lasagna – mmmmm yummy pasta and sauce and spinach and cheese goodness. Definitely topped with extra cheese
  • Popcorn – the kind you make in the microwave, smothered in parmesan cheese and fresh ground black pepper – an Anne Wallace specialty! (Seriously, cheese is a major component of almost all of my cravings)
  • BACON – any kind, anywhere, right now. 🙂
  • Biscuits – soft fluffy warm Southern delights straight from the oven smothered in honey butter
  • Mexican food – in particular, tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole and cheese – oooo and fajitas. In Nairobi we saw a place with the Taco Bell logo, but it was called “Taco Club” … and it looked kinda sketchy.
  • Lemonade – ICE COLD. Heck, any drink ice cold would be pretty good right now!!
  • Pizza – one that actually has real sauce and real cheese as opposed to the Kenya version. In particular, a family size Papa Murphey’s pepperoni or veggie works. Or Kathy’s pizza – ahhh homemade goodness!
  • Cake – and one that isn’t dry like the sands of the sahara desert. I’ve already specifically requested a caramel cake from my sister, but really, any good cake would do
  • Veggies – the less cooked, the better.
  • Butter – real, cold butter from a cow – not blueband margarine from some processed plant product!
  • Cereal – preferably with 1% milk straight out of the refrigerator and a large glass of juice. Mom, I will never again complain about having to eat cereal for breakfast.
  • Chicken – the kind you can buy at the supermarket – boneless, skinless, white meat chicken breasts that have probably been refrigerated for weeks and don’t have other attached body parts like brains or kidneys. This can be combined with pretty much anything listed above (minus the cake and cereal).
  • Wine – preferably a red in a very large goblet at room temperature. In fact, right after I get off the plane would be a good time for this!

Beware -This is not an exhaustive list and moderate substitutions are allowed

     Things I don’t want to see on my plate for the first two weeks (at least):

  • Rice – unless it’s accompanied by delicious Masman curry from Taste of Thai
  • Cabbage – in any form, even Cabbage Sausage Stuff (although that is tasty)
  • Brown Bread
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Water that has stuff floating in it and is room temperature on a good day

To Jessica (who’s wedding I am in less than 2 weeks after I get back from Kenya)– I’m already sorry about the alterations my bridesmaid’s dress will need after I eat all of this stuff. On the plus side, you’ll look fantastic next to me!! 🙂

To all those reading this post from a nation where you can get these items, for me, enjoy a large salad for lunch today and think about all those starving wazungu in Kenya!

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