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Weekly Wrap Up #8

April 24, 2010

  After being here for 8 weeks (and with only having 3 weeks left), life in Kakamega has settled into a mostly normal routine. There are only a few things left that seem to make it on the list. Nevertheless, here are this weeks “General Observations and Witty Remarks (what’s left of them anyway)…”

  1. Tangerines here are perfectly round (smaller than oranges) and green… and super tart!!!
  2. I got to teach the kids how to throw a Frisbee correctly on Tuesday – I knew that Frisbee golf class would come in handy sometime!
  3. There are only 24 letters in the Swahili alphabet (no Q or X)
  4. I’ve gotten so used to Kenyan weather that I can SMELL when it’s raining – weird
  5. In Kenya, carpet is not a warm, fluffy floor covering. Carpet = linoleum
  6. Shoe shopping in Kenya – my version of supporting an underdeveloped economy!

Just for fun – you can order your own version of African diseases on line! Comes in two sizes:

Quote of the Week:

To any men who decide to mess with me, Benlela says “I’ll beat them!!” 🙂

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