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Weekly Wrap Up #6

April 9, 2010

A Short Week = A Short List of General Observations and Witty Remarks

– On Tuesday we had a 3 hour long meeting… talk about a headache! There is rumored to be a 6 hour long meeting on Friday. Oh goody.
– Soda here is ridiculously inexpensive – if you know where to get it. I can buy 5 glass bottles (300 mL each) for approximately $1.25. Now that’s just sweet!
– It seems like everyday, someone tries to sell me something different. Yesterday it was socks. Today it was insurance. For a second I stared at the guy thinking … “You’re not a gecko…” Then I realized he was serious. What kind of insurance could he possibly offer me that American Me doesn’t already have? Boda boda riding insurance? Dust in the eye from the trucks insurance? Insurance for eating bad food sold on the street? Insurance against people trying to overcharge me for insurance because I’m white? I think the only major types of insurance that I don’t already have are house (because I don’t own a house), car (because my car Ellen died), and pet (which I fully and completely intend on getting on Lucy Jo the amazing fur therapy when I get back to the states). As they don’t have pets here in Kenya, I don’t think I can pick up a good policy while I’m here…
– Kenya eats shoes. There’s no other good way to put it.
– Kenya also eats shirts… OH WAIT… that was the rat that put several large holes through the front of one of my t-shirts.
– My work is located in a building called the “Kholera House”. Slightly discomforting.
– Ironic signs are everywhere around Kakamega. For instance, there’s a sign that says “No dumping by Municipal Order” – located on top of a pile of trash. Or my favorite – a sign that says “Safety First, Safety Always” next to a collapsed shack that’s now just a pile of metal sheets and wooden boards.
– The dogs in Kenya are ridiculously cute… and SO off limits for “Fur-Therapy”! No telling what diseases they might have as most dogs are not considered pets.
– They eat some of the weirdest stuff I’ve ever been exposed to in Kenya. For instance – LIVE TERMITES. I dread the day when Mama Eunice brings those home for me to try. Also somewhat dreading eating cow intestines – but at least those are cooked!

Favorite Quote of the Week:
“My name is Garry Atalo. You ate my passion fruit. Prepare to die!” (referencing, of course, the amazing Princess Bride movie).

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