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Karibu Kenya, In Short

March 29, 2010

 I’m too sick, tired, and lazy at the end of a long Monday to write a really well thought out post. BUT! I knew I couldn’t leave my loyal readers without any updates for days and days, so I’m sacrificing my precious post-work time to keep everyone in the loop!

This weekend, I managed to get a sunburn while resting by a pool (damn that equatorial sun). Then it poured down rain and I got covered in mud. In short, I looked precisely like neopolitan ice cream – pink (from the sun), brown (from the mud) and white (from the mzungu!) Then I started to get sick – thanks to Betty and Garry.

Today at work, I started compiling the defaulter’s database. Surprisingly, in Kenya, they have no credit system, or even ways of checking to see if previous clients have defaulted on their loans. I aim to fix this in the next couple of weeks. Anyway, one of the past clients was a guy named “Polycarp Lumiti” – sounds like a plastic fish light to me! Shortly after Polycarp came Dorcus, Kiester, Petronilla, and Chrispinus (all first names). 🙂

I think the concept of sunburn fascinates Kenyans (as they don’t get burned… ugh).  Boss Lady slapped my sunburn today (on accident) and was incredibly surprised when I said ouch! Her quote: “sunburn hurts?”

In other news, I have recieved word that the first of probably many potential employers has been deluded into thinking that they don’t need me in their office. Alas, I will continue to diligently pursue other jobs that I probably don’t want and am not entirely qualified for but would pay me beacoups of money. Ahh – to be an economist!

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