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Rain, Rain, Go Away….

March 24, 2010

Remember just a week or so ago when I was practically begging the skys for rain? I though “It’d be great! Rain would make it cooler, wash away all the dust… heck! My shoes might even return to a normal color!”  Rain, the blessed thing, seemed so far off. I’d watch the sky for days, especially in the afternoons, just to see if there were clouds. Every time I spotted a cloud that looked rain-able, I’d shout “Benlela! It looks like rain!” She always answered “No, it’s not going to rain.”  (Of course she was right. Kenyans have an incredible knack for predicting rain sans weathermen.)  Still…it refused to rain. The water was virtually non-existent in the taps, and the idea of a “rainforest” being located less than half an hour away was laughable. Little did I know….

RAIN!!!!!!!!!! was on its way. And come it did!

Well, I’ve officially changed my mind. Evidently the rain really is wetter on the other side of the fence. Or more accurately, the mud really is deeper on the other side of the road. Here’s a riddle for you: Why did the Kenyan chicken cross the road? Same reasons anyone in Kenya crosses the road – to avoid the massive puddle of mudwater! Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some good things about the rainy season finally coming: it is much cooler (although still warm enough to induce sweating) and the dust is certainly gone! I thought too that the rain might put a stop to the stench of burning trash. Turns out – rain or not – trash still has to be burned. And soggy, wet burning trash smells quite a bit worse than regular burning trash. Oh and the mud… the roads look like someone has gashed a wound into the bleeding side of the earth. Rivulets, streams and torrents of water seem to pour from every surface, even after the rain itself has stopped.  There’s even a hallway in my house that floods every time it rains. I’ve given up on my shoes ever returning to normal – or even making it another month! Mud, it seems, is much more permanent than dust.

And yet, despite the mud, the wet, the inability to ever get clean… there is something incredibly peaceful and comforting about waking up to the sound of a steady rain against a metal roof, curled up under a mosquito net, with the entire world pitch black in those few moments between wake and sleep and before your brain can comprehend that in just a few minutes, you too will be out in the rain, battling the ever-present and unbeatable force of mother nature.

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  1. Anne permalink
    March 24, 2010 9:55 pm

    Well, at least you were able to find a silver lining in the clouds that cover Kakamega! I do concur that the sound of rain on a metal roof is oh so peaceful. I will also say that I feel your pain regarding the mud…when we were in Monte Rico, Guatemala we nicknamed it Muddy Rico! Ironically, it is sunny here today and about 70 degrees, woo hoo! But in true East Tennesse fashion, it was snowing about lunchtime on Monday – CRAZY!!! Hang in there – maybe another positive of the rain is the reduction in amorous attention (just guessing that most boys aren’t gonna hang in the rain just to tell you that they love you and you’re goregous, at least not without encouragement!). Have a great day.

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