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Projecting my Projects

March 16, 2010

 Although copied and pasted from other documents, this is a short overview of my work in Kenya. Caveat – I’m sure this will morph as I see more areas that need my skills and time applied to them.

General Goal:

To increase the efficiency and profitability of K-Rep Development Agency in the field and in the office so that they can expand their client base and reach more at-risk consumers

Underlying Idea Flow:

Increased Efficiency (leads to) Increased Profitability (leads to) Increased Resources to Reinvest (leads to) Increased Services (leads to) Increased Number of Clients (leads to) Increased Community Impact

 Profitability increases as a result of:

  1. Decreasing inefficient practices
  2. Decreasing waste of resources
  3. Decreasing loan defaults and group break-up
  4. Increasing client base
  5. Increasing the profitability of individual clients

 These are the 4 main projects I’ll be working on during my time in Kakamega:

    • Expand current excel training manual to contain other function and other Microsoft programs
    • Merge existing excel files to create a master database of problem clients and defaulters
    • Quarterly newsletter creation for networking clients and providing long term incentives
    • Create Leadership Reference Guide for Groups to clearly outline policy & procedures and to provide easy-to-reference business advice
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