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Weekly Wrap Up 2

March 12, 2010

General observations and witty remarks

*It’s the beginning of March and it feels like the middle of July. Mmm, sweat.

*I think Kenyan women wear skirts not to be modest, but so they’re cooler. With a quick stride, air goes straight up the skirt – almost as good as AC!

*With all of the new experiences and daily walking and work, I’m pretty much exhausted by 4pm every afternoon.

*I want it to RAIN – 2 reasons: cooler and less DUST! Isn’t this supposed to be the rainy season?

*Trying new sodas that they don’t have in the US is TASTY! I like them all so far, but my favorite is still Stoney.

*There’s a woman who brings fresh fruit salads to work for only 20 KSH every Tuesday and Thursday. She’s my favorite person of the week!

*There’s a white lizard/gecko that lives on the wall of the kitchen eating mosquitoes.

*My younger host-brother has gained the nickname “Little Monkey” – never stops chattering and likes to climb things!

*My favorite thing about Kenya so far: Being called “Sister Obama”! I’ll probably get back of the states thinking 1) I’m black and 2) I’m related to the president!

*I just discovered Microsoft Office OneNote. I think I’m in love with a computer program.

*My feet are usually completely covered in dirt and disgusting by the end of the day. Today, I wore socks. Now my ankles and my feet don’t match anymore – YUCK!

*My host family has never had cheese before. They’re missing out on “Behold[ing] the power of cheese!!”

*The other day I wasn’t feeling terribly great and consequently wasn’t hungry. In my head pops my mom’s voice saying “Eat your food! There are starving children in Africa!” Then I thought…” But mom, I’m in Africa…” No idea why, but it made me giggle.

*The concept of my camelback waterbottle fascinated Garry for a good 30 minutes

*I think I’ve been more productive in the last 3 days of work than I have been the two months preceding my trip.

*Occasionally I’ll be struck by the thought of something comforting at home that we don’t have here – like cheese and strawberries, or air conditioning and DVD players. Strangely, I don’t really miss it – only think how weird it will be to have when I do get home.

* I was on a field visit the other day and went to a hut right outside of Kakamega proper for the meeting. Hut was a pleasant way to put it – I think it might have had two rooms and the walls were made of mud and sticks – not even a good layer of cow dung to keep it all together. The floor was dirt of course, but unlike other dirt floors I’ve seen, this one was completely littered with embedded rocks so that nothing in the room was remotely level. No electricity or windows, so the door was the only source of light and any time the nearby tree dropped something, a resounding bang would echo on the metal roof. To top it off, there were 16 people crammed in this tiny room for our micro finance group meeting. Totally put into perspective the “agonizing” decision that some people make between carpet, hardwood or tile flooring (or any home improvement projects for that matter).

*Weekly Saturday meeting tomorrow – EXCITEMENT. As Nick put it – “white time much needed”. After the meeting we’re going shopping at the new, fabulous nakumatt and then to Golf Hotel for swimming and potentially FREE INTERNET!

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  1. Anne permalink
    March 12, 2010 11:44 am

    Well, that settles it…I will never be able to live in Kakamega…I would not survive without cheese (and yes that was part of the decision making process that led me to a mission trip in Italy!!!) 🙂
    Glad to hear you’ve made it through your work week with flying colors and mountains of productivity. Hope you really enjoy your day off tomorrow and get some good rest. Bask in the sun and warmth for me…while it is in the 60’s here in ETN today, the clouds are rolling in and the temp tommorrow is going to be chilly and rainy! We all miss you bunches…Lucy Jo especially (she can’t wait for your return and need of fur-therapy)! Hugs!

  2. March 12, 2010 11:54 pm

    you’re accent sounds like you hail from Brisbane.

    this post made me smile 🙂

  3. Babi permalink
    March 13, 2010 1:24 pm

    If you think about it, the sun is directly over the equator twice a year – March 21 and September 21. By the hemispheric definition of summer (the sun directly overhead) you’ll have two “summer solistices” in Kenya. Your are almost to the first, so you could expect it to be nearly “summer”. But you’ll also be heading into one of their two “winters” (June 21 and Decemebr 21) before you leave. I wonder how much cooler it will be in May. Have fun and enjoy the time.

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