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Oldish Entry: Offically Overwhelmed March 7

March 9, 2010

I just moved into my homestay yesterday afternoon… and by this morning the cultural, language and other differences have officially overwhelmed me. I guess the best way to describe it is walking on egg shells. I just don’t want to offend anyone, so I’m trying to be involved but not get overwhelmed. HARD. I’m hoping that I’ll get more comfortable over time as I get a routine and know more of what’s expected of me. Garry (6 years old) is great – very welcoming, talkative, stubborn… typical kid. Betty (?) hasn’t spoken a word to me… kinda freaks me out but I’m guessing she’s just shy and quiet. Alvin (16) is awesome, but leaving for boarding school today. He’s been a big help in making me feel really welcome. Mama Eunice is very nice and sweet… but very quiet. Part of me just wishes she’d tell me what to do for the 1st couple of days, but I don’t think that’s the Kenyan yay. Karibu Kenya.

I’m halfway dreading, halfway looking forward to my first bucket bath. I’m so disgusting right now that I really want to shower… but cold buckets of water aren’t highly inviting. Same goes to breakfast – I’m hungry but not sure what to expect food wise – or what I’ll do to my stomach. So many questions!

Update: Breakfast was actually really good – relaxed. Mama Eunice makes the BEST chai I’ve ever had, and I ate a PB & J and eggs. My host family evidently fancies buttering their bread, adding jam, and then topping it off with fried egg. Strange but OK. Electricity is out again so it looks like it might be an interesting day. Mama Eunice boiled some water for me, so my bucket bath wasn’t too bad! Dark (sans electricity) but sufficient. And the weather here is wonderful – bright, sunny, warm with a breeze so everything should dry out pretty quickly.

There isn’t a lot to do on the weekends – especially without the television. I helped out with the cooking just a bit and learned how to clean pumpkin leaves (yes, the leaf part) for a side dish. It’s… interesting, but not terrible! I’ve enjoyed walking around and taking some pictures. We have an avocado tree in the front yard! I’m still terrified of the pit latrine… it’s not the end of the world – but wow I’m thankful to have indoor plumbing at home.

Random Side Note: I love my glow in the dark waterbottle! A must have for traveling to places without clean water or electricity!

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