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Old Entry: Kakamega Day 1

March 8, 2010

First day in Kakamega, Kenya. Arrived last night into Kisumu Airport which is smaller than Downtown Island Home. On a positive note, ALL my luggage arrived! (Albeit slightly battered). Met Peter and Nick (the other intern with me) on the foggiest, bumpiest, wet-est, darkest car ride of my life to Kakamega. Hotel is nice – there are 3 beds in my room although it is just me. There’s running water (not drinkable) and the shower is directly over the toilet. I miss running water that I can drink – boo dehydration. Food is better than expected but will probably get old soon. Love passion fruit juice! Sleeping under a mosquito net for the first time kinda made me feel like a princess….except for the lack of AC, loud bugs and birds outside and the jetlag. First day of orientation went well – I feel like I will be pretty well prepared by next saturday when we move in with out host families. I like Kakamega – it’s a small town but has a supermarket, bank and outdoor fresh foods market that are pretty exciting. Rode a bodaboda (bicycle taxi) for the first time (and probably last as it’s not too far to walk) – there were so many people calling me mzungu! Was informed today that I’ll probably be proposed to more than once while I’m here and to invent a fiance back home. Also found out that some of the clients i’ll be working  with at KRep are former sex workers. Not yet overwhelmed – just tired and looking forward to a good nights sleep eventually. Also hoping that the electricity will be on tomorrow! (evidently it’ll just go off for days at a time). More updates soon.

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  1. Anne permalink
    March 8, 2010 11:14 am

    Hehe…nothing quite like flying into a very small airport, especially in a foreign country. We took a small jaunt to San Pedro Island, Belize on our return trip from a mission in Guatemala. I can still remember being ‘geeked out’ by the fact that I could see the floor of the ocean with about 10 of my BFF’s while we were on our way from Belize City to the island (they were honorary BFF’s cause we all kinda thought we wouldn’t make it). CRAZY! Glad your travel was safe and that you made it to Kakamega!

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