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February 11, 2010

I’ve finally gotten my organization placement in Kenya – something I’ve been waiting weeks for! I’ll be working for the K-Rep Development Agency.  I’ve very excited about it – the organization focuses on providing microfinance to AIDS infected and affected people in the community. This is a perfect opportunity for me to combine two of my interests: health care policy and microfinace development. I’ll be spending a majority of my time in the field, working with local businesses and individuals to help them pursue sustainable methods to utilizing the microfinance resources that K-Rep provides. More information can be found below.

The mission of KDA is “to build the field of microfinance through the development of appropriate microfinance products and services to create economic opportunities for low-income people and contribute to eliminating poverty”. The mission is to be achieved by developing, testing, and promoting the adoption of appropriate microfinance models for improving the accessibility of financial services to low income people. The main target group are HIV/AIDS-infected and –affected members of the community.

Programs and Activities:

Among the activities of K-Rep are:

Provide HIV/AIDS-infected and -affected community members with basic business management, business counseling and leadership skills through training and technical assistance;

Design, test, and develop appropriate systems and mechanisms of financing business needs of individuals and families ravaged by the HIV/AIDS scourge;

Provide technical, field-based support to K-Rep’s microfinance clients;

Advise HIV/AIDS-infected and –affected clients on lending and better business strategies

Facilitate sessions for K-Rep clients in which they can share ideas, business tactics, and provide moral and emotional support to one another in the face of discouragement

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