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All-In-One Research

September 3, 2008

How many research projects can I roll into one? So far…

1. Senior Thesis for Honors Program

2. Senior Thesis for Economic Department

3. Senior Thesis for Government Department

4. Summer Project for Mercatus Center

5. Student Research project on the UN for Berry

6. Richard’s Scholars Topic

Just  think of it this way… I’m economizing my time, maxing my benefit, and minimizing my costs. 🙂 The topic? Comparing and contrasting different governance methods of natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa and seeing which type (top-down government or bottom up community based) leads to more conflict over mineral wealth and renewable resources. In essence, how African governments continue to rape annd pillage their lands while providing no benefit to their citizens, meaning that my tax dollars have to be used to keep them alive!

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