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July 28, 2008

I was catching up on my Google reader feed today from all tof the articles that piled up over the weekend and I came across these articles of note:

Microloans come to the US in the form of Habitat for Humanity’s new plan to get people to invest in their homes.

China’s new form of population control – hope an earthquake hits a school and then pay off the parents to keep them from protesting against your communist regime.

Washington DC’s Metro system is in disrepair and plagued with daily delays. So what do they do in order to correct this problem? Propose a new (and incredibly expensive line) to run through Tyson’s Corner instead of fixing the existing problems causing delays.

The tomato/jalepeno crisis – more costly to institute new regulations or to just let the individual farmers suffer when an outbreak does occur?

Since when is tobacco smoking an epidemic? According to businessman-turned-philanthropist Bill Gates, smoking is as deadly as Malaria and AIDS, and of course in need of $500 million to stem the spread of this “disease”.

Simply because the title caught my eye: Free-Market Baby Making.

Taliban text messaging new terror threats to the Afghan government here. Interesting use of technology.

Thursday’s minimum wage increase – good, bad or just plain ugly?

New Zealand restricts bad baby names. Sounds like a bizarre and rediculous way to restrict personal freedoms to me.

Neuroeconomics? We all know economists don’t actually use their brains… 🙂

Maybe my sugar sweet-tooth (as seen in Cupcakery post)  will be cured through this method in the future.

And finally, when I grow up, I want to use Big Macs to tell which countries in Africa are more developed…

Comments are open for discussion of any of these articles. I’d be interested to know what you think.

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